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Aziza Technology Associates, located in Pittsburgh, PA, was established in 2002 to provide training, consulting and contract work to institutions planning and implementing online digital collections. Aziza Tech utilizes emerging best practices and standards in the digital library field. In addition to its owner, experienced in mounting a variety of online collections, the company has access to graphic designers and experienced XML encoders.

Recent work has included:

  • implementations of the University of Michigan's DLXS middleware for SGML/XML text collections,
  • the development of a collaborative web site for an academic research project utilizing open source source tools including MySQL, PHP and Apache,
  • data migration from a relational database to XML as well as the reverse migration of document-centric XML encoded data to a relational database model. Development of the XSLT transformations of the XML to XHTML for web display of the encoded data.

Elizabeth J. Shaw

Upon graduation in 1996 from the University of Michigan School of Information with an M.I.L.S, Elizabeth Shaw worked in the Digital Library Production Services at the University of Michigan and later as Technical Projects Manager for the Digital Research Library at the University of Pittsburgh. In these positions her responsibilities included programming/development of CGI middleware for Web display of SGML encoded texts and data stored in relational databases, preparation and indexing of SGML/XML encoded texts, maintenance and extension of mechanisms for automated optical character recognition for digital projects, training of staff and students in production routines, development of automated routines and tools for production tasks, quality control and database maintenance, oversight and management of a project encoding finding aids using Encoded Archival Description (EAD) and development of in-house MARC to SGML routines. In coordination with others she developed the administrative and structual metadata standards for Pittsburgh's online collections.

As a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences she taught technology related classes in the Department of Library and Information Sciences including classes on digitizing research collections, applications of XML in library settings, digital preservation and a survey course on contemporary technologies in information management. Her classes emphasize current trends and theory in the emerging field of Digital Libraries as well as practical hands-on application of the technologies studied.

Prior to her entry to library school in 1995, Elizabeth Shaw worked for 10 years in non-profit social services in public policy advocacy and social services administration. She also taught in an undergraduate social work program.

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