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August, 2002

Partially Revised January, 2004

This bibliography is a list of primarily web accessible documents and resources that can be useful in understanding the issues in the planning and implementation of digital library projects that seek to provide electronic access to existing research materials. It is by no means comprehensive and there are many excellent resources which are not listed here. There are also many resources available in print. Only a few of these are listed on this bibliography.

Project Guides

Moving Theory Into Practice. Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger April, 2000

Available to order hard copy from RLG:

NEDCC Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for Preservation and Access

Available to order and also on line at

Digital Library Tool Kit Dr Peter Noerr April 1998 Sun Microsystems Updated in 2000

Digitising History
Sean Townsend, Cressida Chappell and Oscar sSruijvé

National Digital Library Project Planning Checklist

Selected topics from NDLP internal documentation (Library of Congress)

Digitizing Historical Pictorial Collections for the Internet
Stephen Ostrow CLIR Feburary 1998.

IMLS: A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections

Guide to Good Practice in the Digital Representation & Management of Cultural Heritage Materials from NINCH

Useful Books

Arms, William Y. Digital Libraries. The MIT Press:Cambridge, MA, 2000.

Kenney, Anne R. and Stephen Chapman. Digital imaging for libraries and archives Ithaca, N.Y. : Dept. of Preservation and Conservation, Cornell University Library, 1996.

Kenney, Anne R. and Oya Y. Rieger, editors and principal authors. Moving theory into practice : digital imaging for libraries and archives Mountain View, CA : Research Libraries Group, 2000. (see above for ordering information)

Lesk, Michael. Practical Digital Libraries: Books Bytes and Bucks. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers:San Fransisco 1997.

NorthEast Document Conservation Center. Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for Preservation and Access. NEDCC:Andover, MA, 2000. (Also available on line at

Rosenfeld, Louis and Morville, Peter. Information Architecture Cambridge:O'Reilly, Second Edition, 2002.

Witten, Ian and Bainbridge, David How to Build A Digital Library Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, July, 2002. ISBN: 1558607900

Organizations Providing Significant Resources for Implementation of Digital Libraries

Colorado Digitization Projects

Council on Library and Information Resources
CLIR has a rich set of publications and guides that are useful in planning and implementing projects

Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI)

Digital Library Federation

Research Libraries Group

NINCH Home Page

Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI)

Site INdex of Berkeley Digital Library

Prepared by Berkeley's Sunsite, an extensive list of organizations and institutions of interest to those in the Digital Library field

Online Journals/Listservs/Bibliographies

D-Lib Magazine

RLG DigiNews

Ariadne - the Web Version

DIGLIB Mailing List Information

Internet Scout Report
Summaries of good web resources. Often reviews new digital library projects

Current Cites
Provides a annotated list of the best in information technology literature in both print and electronic form on a monthly basis

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information

IFLA Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects

Project Implementation Resources

D-Lib, Digital Library Research

IFLA's Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects

Colorado Digital Project Digital Toolbox
Resources and Tools created for participants in Colorado projects

D-Lib - Ready Reference

Council on Library and Information Resources Publications

Organizational Goals and Needs

Why Digitize?
Abby Smith, CLIR Feburary, 1998.

The User Community as Responsibility and Resource: Building a Sustainable Digital Library

David Seaman University of Virginia, D_Lib July 1997.

Selection Critera

Selecting Research Collections for Digitization

Dan Hazen, Jeffrey Horrell, Jan Merrill-Oldham. CLIR August 1998.

The Intrinsic Value of Archive and Library Material

Marburg Archive School

Digitization for Scholarly Use

Nicole Bouche CLIR March 1999

Copyright/Intellectual Property/Privacy Rights

U.S.Copyright Office Home Page

When Works Pass Into the Public Domain
A handy chart outlining common copyright situations

UT System Crash Course in Copyright

Stanford University Library:Copyright & Fair Use

Conversion of Materials

Digital Conversion of Library Research Materials:
Stephen Chapman and Anne R. Kenney Cornell University Library D-Lib Magazine

Imaging Standards and Guides

Moving Theory Into Practice Digital Imaging Tutorial

Digital Formats for Content Reproductions
Carl Fleischhauer for the Library of Congress. July 13, 1998.

Introduction to Imaging
Covers basic issues in constructing an image database,
Howard Besser and Jennifer Trant

The Cost Of Digital Image Distribution: The Social and Economic Implications of the Production, Distribution and Usage of Image Data
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Project
Museum Educational Site Licensing Project

Procedures and Practices for Scanning

Joint RLG and NPO Preservation Conference - Imaging Documents

Library of Congress Recommendations for the Evaluation of Digital Images

Guides to Quality in Visual Resource Imaging
A collection of articles prepared by the Digital Library Federation and the Research Library Group on imaging project planning, quality assurance and file formats.

RLG Tools for Digital Imaging
Tools for estimating cost and preparing RFI and RFPs for digital imaging

XML/SGML Formats

What is XML?
Norman Walsh

The World Wide Web Consortium

Tutorials on XML and Related Standards

The XML Cover Page
A very thorough and up to date guide to all XML related events and trends.

C. M. Sperberg-McQueen. What is XML and Why Should Humanists Care?

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

TEI Text Encoding in Libraries Draft Guidelines for Best Encoding Practices


Extensible Markup Language

World Wide Web Consortium


Introduction to Metadata Version 2.0
Useful essays on a wide variety of metadata issues.

IFLA's Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources

Metadata Resources

Metadata Encoding Transmission Standard

Metadata Object Description Schema

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Open Archives Initiative

An Introduction to the Resource Description Framework
Eric Miller D_Lib Magazine May, 1998

Encoded Archival Description (EAD) HELP PAGES

Preservation Issues

CLIR Publications and Resources on Preservation
Good source of many preservation relevant publications
- Preserving the Whole by Anne Green, Joanne Dionne and Martin Dennis
- Avoiding Technological Quicksand by Jeff Rothenberg. February 1999.
- Risk Management of Digital Information. By Gregory W. Lawrence, Willaim R. Kehoe, Oya Y. Reiger, William H. Walters and Anne R. Kenney. June 2000.

Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI)

Funding Sources

Colorado Digital Alliance Funding Sources

Lists of Collections

The following sites provide links to numerous online collections.

ARL Digital Initiatives Database

The SGML/XML Academic Applications Web Page

Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress

Workshops and Tutorials (just a few of many)

Rare Book School (RBS)

NorthEast Conservation Center

Cornell University Library

Tutorials on XML and Related Standards

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